Wednesday, December 2, 2009

D.U.I Don't Think So!

Gay marriage is not just a danger to yourself, it's a danger to all the people around you. Wait, no, scratch that-- we're thinking of drunk driving. Is it hard to believe that every year hundreds of thousands of perpetrators go free, without even so much as loosing their license?

Just because you're pulled over for one measly D.U.I. doesn't mean you should have to go without your license. No, no, not here in the land of God, guns and gas-guzzlers. In nine states getting pulled over for driving under the influence, being arrested, and even awaiting trial for vehicular manslaughter, doesn't involve the drunk loosing their license. That means that these abusers are free to hit the streets again while they await prosecution. Statistics show that individuals can really rack up the arrests under this system. Why deprive red-blooded Americans of their right to get, say, three D.U.I.s in a week? Because that.just.happened.

Somewhere along the way someone said, "You know who needs a break? People who consciously put their lives and the lives of others in mortal peril." Sooo glad the privileges of drunk drivers are protected, while the rights of certain, gayer citizens are denied.

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