Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dong Meds on Your TV

For the straights, open and closeted among us, one of the most difficult parts of the gay rights movement is the questioning. Namely, the questions their children ask when they come home from school after reading King & King, or Hannah's Two Moms, et al. Should parents have to have "that conversation" with their child? Or any conversation for that matter?! And so, the question comes to mind: what happens when, during the evening news, one of those dong medicine commercials comes on the tube?

Whenever one of those Viagra or Cialis or Levithra commercials appear on your capitalism-box, anxious parents become uncomfortable when confronted with having to talk to their children about sexuality. In 2004 they began to weigh in on whether "erectional-correctional" meds should be on constant replay during dinner time. In fact, many people have contacted their state and local governments, requesting they remove the ads that promise better, more fulfilling love lives. You should also know that Congress did attempt to censor the ads, not because they were found obscene (they barely toe the line and are safe because of freedom of speech), but because it was found that Viagra did not live up to its hype. And, thanks to Bob Dole, we know that Congress did this research first hand. And yet these ridiculous commercials persist. Because it is perfectly legal to promote the sexual exploits of men, while other long-term, committed, loving relationships remain illegal.

So, remember: at some time in your life, you may have to sit through a male enhancement drug commercial in the company of a young, impressionable child. It's not the end of the world. It's just an uncomfortable right of passage all parents have to live through, like when your child turns out straight. Not exactly how you'd planned things when you envisioned their big, gay wedding...

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  1. I wonder how older gay males taking Viagra compares to older hetero males taking the little blue pill.