Sunday, November 29, 2009

Duty To Rescue: How To Find Out Who Your Real Friends Are

So they've taken away your right to pursue happiness, but at least life and liberty are yours to keep . . . maybe. If you choke on a chicken bone or fall in an urban tiger pit, random onlookers can enjoy the show without the slightest bit of guilt while your life dwindles to nothing. Gays might be second class citizens but innocent bystanders are fully protected, for here in our glorious nation there is no duty to rescue.

Let's say your hair has erupted in flames after a tragic cigarette lighting incident. All your smoke-mate has to do to save you from a Michael Jackson-esque fate is to dump his Big Gulp over your head. Then again, he's his own man - and what have you ever done for him? Frankly, you can burn for all he and the United States government care. In Canada and many of our European counterparts, allowing someone to burn to death, be run over by a train, or drown in a 2 centimeter puddle of their own drool is at least a close relative to murder. Conversely, in the freedom-loving U.S. of A., we can watch our neighbors get mugged, raped or killed without even having to phone the authorities. Wouldn't want to interrupt tonight's episode of Two and a Half Men.

Allowing someone to die while your pick your nose is nowhere near as terrible as allowing gay marriage. Everyone knows the hierarchy of crimes: petty theft, molestation, manslaughter, homicide, consensual gay relationship. Remember that the next time you cross traffic.

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  1. Hmm, Personally I don't want to be required by law to confront a rapist on behalf of a stranger. Why should I have to have the rapist's violence directed against my person? Is the victim going to be legally obligated to pay my medical bills if I get hurt, how about my funeral costs if I get killed in the process? What happens if stuff goes sideways, and the rape victim ends up worse off because my attempt to intervene failed, probably because I don't have the training to deal with violent criminals and I wasn't carrying a gun to shoot him.

    How about worrying about implementing same-sex marriage instead of duty to rescue? I actually can support you on gay marriage, but I'm opposed to duty to rescue