Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Getting an Eye-Full: Strip Joints and Where to Find Them

So, the government wants to keep you out of holy matrimony. As the old adage says "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." It's time to accept your life-sentance of singularity with a trip to the straight bachelor's traditional stomping ground: The Strip Club.

The last fifty years have seen a progressively more liberal take on what's legal and what isn't at these clubs, although certain lines have been drawn. The 1991 Supreme Court case Barnes v. Glen Theatre Inc. ruled that states have complete control over how much skin their exotic dancers can show. This ranges from fully nude, to topless, to a more conservative "no nipples" rule. Apparently, nipples are a state issue.

Meanwhile, some states don't care what you do in strip clubs, just where it gets done. For example, New York City and San Francisco have zoning laws that require half a mile in between your local skin palace and a residential district or elementary school. What may surround a strip clubs, you might ask? Again, it depends on the state, but bars, hotels and penitentiaries seem popular.

Some states really let it all hang out. In Florida, Rhode Island and Nevada the sky's the limit! Literally, there are no restrictions on anything that occurs within the walls of local strip clubs. The Ocean State doesn't have an age standard for dancers, allowing even underaged gals to parade in the nude.

Civil marriage for everyone might be off the docket, but your ability to get an eye-full is still protected.

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