Sunday, November 15, 2009

Junior Marksmen: Annie Get Your Gun!

One of the greatest things about America is choice. You can choose to do whatever or be whatever you want. If our founding fathers had continued on with the old system of bloodlines and nepotism, George Washington would have been nothing more than a private in the army, John Adams only a country lawyer. Neither had the noble lineage to rise to prominence that would have been required of them in England.

Therefore it is your prerogative, if you so choose, to outfit your child with his (or her) very own rifle. You might be saying to yourself, what ten year old could possibly need a firearm? And you are absolutely right... Don't be silly, it's huntin' season! Between now and the first of the year there is plenty of time to bag as many deer, boars, turkeys, and cotton tail rabbits as a child's arms can carry. If you are wondering how a ten year old could have the strength to shoulder a 15 pound musket or blunderbuss, have no fear, Rogue Rifle Co. is a step ahead of you. They have a custom line of specially designed Junior Rifles. Twenty-two inches long and weighing only two and a half pounds, these high-powered weapons have charming names like the Davey Crickett or the Chipmunk. Colorful specimens, they are fun and youthful. Although most states require the young sharp-shooter be ten to twelve years of age, these rifles will fit your six year old perfectly. That is, at least, according to their marketing.

While many states require permits for Junior Hunters and Trappers, Maine, South Dakota, Oklahoma and Wisconsin send shooters as young as ten years old into the wilderness without the hindrance of a Hunters Education Program. The only restriction? No bear hunting. Wild turkeys? You can start on those at age nine. Local bobcat population getting a little high? No age requirement for those varmints!

So Annie, get your gun. Our equal rights might not be protected, but the sale and manufacture of youth firearms is totally legal.

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  1. how are the children supposed to act on their prejudices with violence as adults unless they are taught about deadly force at the same time they're taught to judge others?